Value We Provide

Our timber framing techniques have been studied by and our structures have been visited by renowned architects including Shigeru Ban, the Scandinavian Timber Society and engineers from Akron University and the private sector.

We are located in the heart of hardwood country in Ohio where the largest Amish population in the world resides. We have timber sources that enable us to acquire long timbers (up to 45 feet).

We have direct access to:
- A door builder who handcrafts each door
- A manufacturer for interior trim components and hardwood floors
- A world renowned blacksmith
- A craftsman who builds replicas of antique wood windows, which are used daily in the Amish community

Working with us affords the potential for free news media coverage when the frame for your structure is being erected by a crew of Amish timber framers.

We are also committed to client satisfaction as reflected by feedback from our clients:

“We love the building and think it is a beautiful work of art. We sit up in the loft and just gaze at the inside when we can. We do appreciate the quality and beauty of your company’s work. And, please tell everyone that worked on it how much we love it.”

“In addition to the work done, I learned a valuable lesson. I saw that timber framing is a technology unto itself with its own materials, techniques and labor requirements. Oak in large dimensions is required as well as the skills to cut it squarely and the specific tools that make it seem simple. A crew working together is needed to wrestle the timbers into place.”

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