Helpful Information/FAQs

What type of wood do you use to build timber frames?
White oak and hickory are the preferred hardwood species for our timber frame construction; other species are available.

Are timber frames only used in barns?
No, timber framing can be used in many structures. Prime applications for timber frame construction include: commercial, residential, recreational, and agricultural structures; covered bridges; historic buildings; carriage houses and outdoor structures, such as park pavilions and nature centers.

Do you use wooden pegs when assembling your timber frames?
Yes! Wooden pegs are used in all of our mortise and tenon joinery. Although there are some companies that promote the use of metal plates and lag screws to assemble their frames.

Does Amish Timber Framers have the experience necessary to handle our project?
Yes! We can provide the names and contact information for contractors, architects, and clients with whom we have successfully worked with in the past. They will candidly share their experiences working with us.

Will you go anywhere to build?

How do you interact with trade unions?
Since there are no trade unions representing the limited number of timber framers, we do not have a problem. However, prior to beginning your project, it is suggested that you consult with your construction unions for their perspective of the project.

What do we do if our architect is not familiar with timber framing?
We offer in-house design services, and engineering services to assist your architect.

How do we close in or insulate the building?
Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) offer the highest R-Values and are relatively economical. There are other options that can also be considered.

Other Information
In the past, some of our clients found themselves the beneficiary of free media coverage when their timber frame was erected once the local media was alerted to the fact that “the Amish” were building their structure. One of our projects benefited from local television coverage 44 times over the months the structure was under construction.

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