Aspects of Timber Framing

Timber framing can be incorporated into any structure where a soothing ambiance or unique features are desirable. It provides an opportunity to integrate historic building methods with 21st century building technology. Just as Shaker furniture is revered for its simple, functional design, timber framing is marveled for its strength, simplicity and ability to sooth the soul in our hectic, stressful times.

A timber frame is virtually indestructible (once it is treated with fire retardant.) As the hardwood in the timber frame dries it becomes stronger. The life expectancy of a timber frame is 300+ years. However, if God wants to destroy the building, he will through forces such as a tornado or a hurricane.

Integrating timber framing into the design of both conventional steel and stick frame structure provides an opportunity to visually differentiate your structure in high-traffic areas or competitive environment.

The natural qualities and glow of a timber frame bring the soothing elements of nature into your structure. Timber framing adds ambiance, warmth and a calming factor to lobbies and common gathering areas in commercial buildings and great rooms and dining rooms in residences. It instantly captures the visual attention of clients, patrons, patients and guests and can transform any stressful event, appointment or visit into a relaxing experience.

Our clients have reported that visitors to their building often mention that the timber frame gives the feeling of a refuge from the increased stresses of today’s lifestyle

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